Pockets full of dreams: a success story.

Is it Poches & "Fils" ou Poches & "Fils"?<\p>

Born in a living room

Born in a living room

Straight outta the Varennes suburbs, Quebec's fashion hub, Poches & Fils sewn its first pocket in 2014. In fact, it was Josée who crafted the first pockets in her living room while the boys were playing outside. The burger print pocket created so much buzz that Anthony abandonned his master degree, his home and his motherland.

To cater to the growing demand, he scouted his football teammate Nick. They officially launched Poches & Fils in January 2015, even though they had no web or fashion experience. However, having played for several years, they were quite familiar with the idea of a "pocket".

The company was then founded with what they had left: effort and determination. Inspired by T. Ferris, they were able to fit "6 weeks of 4 hours" in every work day.

Crafted in a garage

Crafted in a garage

A few months later, Alex joined the duo to help them build their first website. It was time for the boys to leave Josée's living room and set up in a more favorable space for a startup: a garage. This garage quickly turned into a sweatshop. Let us explain. It was tight. it was warm and there was no door on the washroom.

Straight outta the suburbs of the internet.

Straight outta the suburbs of the internet.

After only 1 year, they had sold more than 10 000 pockets. This fast success was probably due to the 360 synergistic virality that they created through throwing pizza boxes on famous people's balconies.

In 2016, our boys showed off their goods live at Dans l'oeil du dragon. It was a turning point for the business. Today, Poches & Fils is 3 times more pockets, 15 employees and 10 lawsuits.

[Josée is the mother of a friend of Anthony.]

Yep, you heard it, we deliver our pockets in pizza boxes.

Des fournisseurs d'icitte

Local suppliers

Encourager l'expertise locale et l'économie d'ici est une priorité pour l'entreprise. On tient, à travers nos mandats et nos achats quotidiens, prioriser l'achat auprès de fournisseurs québécois afin de faire croître notre économie en plus de diminuer la pollution causée par le transport.

On s'engage ainsi à prioriser en tout temps les fournisseurs locaux lorsque vient le temps d’effectuer un achat. Que ce soit pour des biens ou pour des services, nous encourageons les fournisseurs qui œuvrent dans notre communauté d’abord et avant tout. Nous accordons également une importance particulière aux entreprises certifiées B Corp puisqu'en faisant partie de ce mouvement, nous souhaitons faire tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour faire évoluer cette communauté d’affaires. 🚀 🚀 🚀