The worskhop's store

The worskhop's store

The first Real Reality shop in North America. Your senses will be stimulated like never before. 

Hearing: The soft voice of our sales guru, Patrick Le Gris, will guide you through our shop. 

Smell: You'll be able to smell the fresh scent of every pocket until you find yours. 

Touch: Our tactile textile will allow you to make one with the fabric. 

Sight: Thanks to a collab with our good buddy Ptolemy, you'll be able to see yourself wearing your clothes in 3D with this item we call a "mirror". 

Sewing on the spot. 

After choosing your pocket and the piece of clothing your want it on, our seamsters/stresses team will gladly sew it on for you. 


By coming directly to the store, you'll be able to witness one of our brainstorm sessions, play board games with the team during recess or even get scoops on our next collections. 

Where are we? 

2055 Parthenais, Montréal, Québec

Opening hours

Monday to friday from 10am to 4pm