Collection #JeMeSouviendrai


As a self-taught artist of Haitian origin who grew up in Quebec, my mission is to share my passion through art. My works also reflect my ancestral African roots..

My palette of warm and bright colors is a glimpse of my native country. I remember the carnivals, the brightly coloured taxis called «Tap tap», the colorful architecture of Haiti. These distant memories remind me of the joys and colors of my childhood.

#JeMeSouviendrai I will remember that moment when the world rose to unite their voices, tears and visions towards a fair and better world. A world that does not divide by the color of skin because all colors are necessary for our cultural mosaic.

-Benz DeBrosse

Flamme Intérieure pocket

Kanaval Mask

#JeMeSouviendrai is a movement which supports individuals and organizations working towards inclusion, influences collective consciousness and generates actions to foster a benevolent society. This movement embodies a learning lever for societal progress.

#JeMeSouviendrai and Poches & Fils join forces to support Pour 3 Points, Hoodstock and Desta Black Youth Network, allied organizations that cultivate the development of young and old people of all backgrounds, including racialized people.

The masks represent an opportunity to protect yourself and others with flair, while raising funds for the respective missions of these organizations.100% of all profits made on the mask Kanaval and the pocket Flamme Intérieure will go to these three charities.

We are more than sport coaches. By supporting youth from underprivileged neighborhood, P3P coaches help them develop their potential in order for them to gain the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

Generate spaces for dialogue and mobilizing initiatives to eliminate systemic inequalities and develop inclusive, secure and vibrant communities

DESTA supports Black youth aged 18 to 35 in reaching their educational employability, and entrepreneurial goals through a holistic and individualized approach.